Warranty Registration

We offer a 15-day money back guarantee alongside a 1-year warranty covering any heating elements of your purchase.

1. People-made damage will not be replaced or guaranteed but it can be repaired;
2. The replacement service must be confirmed as a product quality problem and the product appearance must be intact, otherwise only warranty service can be provided;
3. In the case of damage for more than 2 years, materials and maintenance fees are charged as appropriate.
4. Due to the heating and battery problem,CONQUECO will bear the return freight

Warranty scope:
1. Non-warranty items: Damage caused by human improper use, such as appearance damage, etc., which are not eligible for warranty;
2. If the maintenance unit judges that it is not a genuine CONQUECO product and it is a counterfeit product, it will not be repaired.

After-sales service consultation, please contact the online customer service or conqueco01@hotmail.com